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    Tab Function



      Tab Function


           Hello everyone.  I came across a FM sample database that allows users to put multiple addresses into a Google Map (BatchGeo).  I was trying to incorporate this into my database when I hit this snag:

           Set Variable [ $lines; Value:"Address" & Tab & "City" & Tab & "State" & Tab & "Zipcode" & ....} <<not the actual script step. 

           I can't find the function "Tab" when I scroll thru the functions list.  When I just type Tab, I get an error message saying "Table can't be found".  I guess I'm asking 2 things: 

           1.  Is this a custom function, if so, how can I add it?

           2.  Is there a workaround?

           On the sample file, the tab function appears to separate all the fields so script can map all the addresses.

           On my DB, it just strings them all together (which seems to be the problem)

           Ill post some screen shots.

           The first is from the sample DB, the second is the one I'm trying to make work.



           FM PRO 12 (not advanced)


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               Second SS

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                 Yes, it is a custom function.  You need FileMaker Advance for custom function.  Go to File, Manage, Custom functions.  You can import the function by clicking import. 


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              "FM PRO 12 (not advanced)"
              "2.  Is there a workaround?"
                   You can enter a tab char in a text by pressing both CTRL and TAB or simply using Char ( 9 ) in calculations.
                   So the script step coul become:
                   Set Variable [ $lines; Value:"Address" & Char ( 9 ) & "City" & Char ( 9 ) & "State" & Char ( 9 ) & "Zipcode" & ....} 
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                     Thank you both for the advice

                     @S Chamblee.  I do not have advanced, so I guess what your saying is there is no way to get that function on my database, unless I upgrade.

                     @raybaudi.  Thanks Ray, that does help the first half of the problem.  The $lines field does show the spaces.  But the second part, copy/then pasting into the field for mapping, the fields all run together instead of separating into columns. The paste is done on the BatchGeo site.

                     Thanks again


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                       the fields all run together instead of separating into columns

                       If you are successfully using char (9) to include tab characters, you can use the appearance tab in the inspector to specify tab stops for each tab character to arrange the data into columns.

                       You can also get columns of data without using a calculation simply by arranging the fields and layout text in rows and columns on your layout.

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                         Thanks Phil & to all that responded.  Turns out Ray had the solution, I used it in $lines, but forgot to change it in another field calculation.  Works great!

                         Thanks all......again..........and again...