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    Tab Key Scrolling



      Tab Key Scrolling


      Is there a setting I can change so that the tab key scrolls up and down instead of left to right? Or is there another key that moves from field to field in the vertical diection (aside from the arrow key).

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          What kind of layout view are you using? Is this form view, table view or list view?

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            This is in record view.

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              No such view exists unless this is language translation issue.

              If you are moving from field to field in the same record, there is one approach you can try.

              If this is list or table view, a vertical move may be moving you from record to record and that takes a slightly different approach.

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                Hahah im sory, form view.

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                  Ok, if you want to move down with the tab key, what key will you use to move to the right?

                  Some changes can be set up by using Set Tab order in the Layouts menu. You can "fine tune" this further by using the OnObjectExit trigger to control what field receives the cursor when you exit the field. OnObjectKeystroke can be even more specific.

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                    Great thanks. It's going to be a bit tedious but the onobjectexit trigger solution is definitely what I was looking for.

                    Do I need to write a seperate script for each "field jump" or is there a way to get straight to the general scripty options from the set script trigger screen.

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                      One Caveat to using OnObjectExit is that mouse clicks on the layout background or on a button on your layout will trip the same trigger so you may find that using OnObjectKeystroke to check for the tab key may produce a smoother functioning user interface.

                      To use a single script for all such cusor jumps that can't be controlled through a preset tab order, you can give each such target field an object name using the Name box of the inspector's position tab. The script trigger can then pass this object name as a script parameter to a script that uses go to object to move the cursor to the specfied field.

                      Thus, you could name a field "AddressField"

                      and the script trigger wuld pass "AddressField" as it's script parameter.

                      Your script would be:

                      Go to Object [ Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]
                      Exit Script [false]

                      The exit line keeps the cursor from jumping to the tab order's specified field after the script finishes executing.

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                        Is there a formula, I could write for the script parameter, that would cause the cursor to always move to the next field. For instance, if I named each object by numbering them sequentially, could I somehow insert a formula that says Go to Object [ Get (Current Object Name + 1)]. So if I was on the field whose object name was 12, then when the script is triggered, the cursor automatically goes to the field with an object name of 13.

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                          It can be done by storing the current field's object name in a global field, but why?

                          You can set the tab order for your layout so that the cursor jumps to the next field when you press tab/enter/return without any scripting at all. The use of scripts here would be to move to fields in a pattern different from that preset order such as using different keys to move vertically and horizontally through your fields.

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                            Because I was completely unaware of what tab order did...


                            Thanks alot, this whole thread has been really helpful to me.