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Tab Labels FM Pro 13 vs FM Pro 12

Question asked by hoib on Jan 26, 2015
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Tab Labels FM Pro 13 vs FM Pro 12


Just a quick check:  I designed a tab control yesterday from home on our hosted solution.  I set up the tab labels with a calculation off a GLOBALTEMPFIELD which stores a calc result of Get(CurrentDate).  This works fine at home.  I got down to the pantry this morning and the tab panels have the text from GLOBALTEMPFIELD TO, but the tab labels are empty -and- they have no date.  Rats!  As a result the 3 tabs look like skinny little "fingers".  You can click them and show the tab panel text but the labels were disappointingly empty and rather malformed.

Why?  And this is where I need someone to agree...or point out the error of my way  At the pantry we are still on FM 12 and not yet on FM13 like I have at home and what I designed these on.

Agree?  Either I have to cobble together another calculation at the pantry or move the pantry to FM13, right?