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Tab memory when switching layouts

Question asked by BatchMaker on Jul 30, 2009
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Tab memory when switching layouts


I have a record detail layout that shows all the fields on the record grouped by tabs. All of the fields are not modifiable through field behavior. I also have a record edit layout which is a duplicate except for the modifiable field behaviors. This is a nice set up making my records safer from accidental changes.


The problem is this:

Say I'm in detail view on the third tab and I see the field I want to modify. When I hit the edit button (go to edit layout), it throws me to the first tab on the edit layout. This is still doable, but not as seamless as it could be, and it hints to how I'm achieving this feature to the end user.


If I could get tab position or something and then go to the corresponding tab position as part of the layout change. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!!