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    Tab Order and scripts



      Tab Order and scripts


           Hello there. I have a layout with 10 fields, only two fields are Tab ordered (1 and 2). Though a script  the cursor is placed on an untabbed field which displays a List of Values, a value is picked out a trigger script is set to take the cursor to another  untabbed field.It is not working, cursor goes to the first tab ordered field . If I use the Script Debugger and do the script steps manually, it works as I want , but if the script is set to run freely, the cursor goes to the first tab ordered field. Any one can help me either giving me a possible solution or explaining why the trigger script works manually and not when it runs freely? Thanks

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               I think this has to do with the script trigger you are using.  I assume you are using OnObjectExit.  When it exits field1 it automatically goes to the next tab order field (field2) before the scripts runs.   I used OnObjectModify to triggers the script. 


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                 Thank you. Your suggestion worked just fine. I've used OnObjectExit, On ObjectValidate, OnObjectSafe but never tried OnObjectModify. Again, thank you for taking the time to answer.

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                   OnObjectExit would have worked for you had you included this script step:

                   Exit Script [False]

                   that will cancel out the exit field action that triggered the scritp and which will otherwise be performed after the script execution completes. You can look up script triggers in FileMaker help to learn which triggers can be affected by this script step.

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                     Hi, PhilMod_Junk. Your sugestion works better. With SChamble's advise I was able to go to the desired untabbed field but I could not get a replace value on the field I had just left. Your advise does both. Thank you for your time.