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    Tab order for Tab Panels



      Tab order for Tab Panels


      I am trying to set my tab order and have three tab panels for entry of data.  Is there some way to select the next tab panel in the process of my tab order to go from the first tab panel to the second and continue entering data?  Please be very specific with any answers as I am very new to Filemaker Pro and get lost easily!  Thanks for any help.   

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          There isn't any simple setting you can use to make this happen. You can use script triggers to perform scripts that select specific panels in the tab control. Are you game to tackle something like that?

          If you are, please describe exactly what you have in mind. I can think of two ways to interpret what you want here: 1) Pressing tab could move you from field to field and when you tab in the last field in the panel's tab order, it takes the user to the next field in the next panel of the tab control. 2) Pressing a specific key combination brings up the next panel regardless of what field you are currently editing.

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            Yes, I am game!  I may be learning it, but I do pretty well with learning all this? 


            I have three tab panels with about 10 fields on the first panel.  When I get to the 10th field and press tab, it goes to the first field on the second panel, but I have to manually press the second panel tab at the top to go to that panel.  I would like to be able to tab on the 10th field and it automatically change to the second panel and stop at the first field on the second panel where I then could continue to enter the data on that second panel.  I guess I need very specific instructions to perform scripts as I have not done that before......at least I don't think I have or have not done it knowingly!  ":P)  Thanks for your help.  

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              Enter layout mode on your layout. If it's not visible, bring up the inspector and click the Position tab.

              Now click on the first tab panel to select it. Find the name box at the top of the Inspector's Position tab and enter an object name for this panel. I'll use object names of "first tab", "second tab" , "third tab" for this example. Click on each tab in turn and name them in the name box. If you do this right, you should be able to click on each tab panel in turn and see the name re-appear in the name box.

              Now select Script Manager and use the new button to start a new script.

              Give it a name and double click on the list of script steps to create this script:

              If [Get ( TriggerKeystroke = 9 ) ]
                  Go To Object ["Second Tab"]
                  Go To field [Table::Field11]
                  Exit Script [ false ]
              ENd If

              Double click each step after you've added it to the script to bring up a dialog where you can specify the details inside the brackets.

              Now return to your layout and right click that 10th field. Select "Script Triggers", Select OnObjectKeystroke and then select your new script as the script to be performed by this script trigger.

              Return to browse mode. Put the cursor into Field 10 and press the tab key. You should see the second tab appear and the cursor should now appear in Field11.

              Now you can repeat all that to create a script trigger and script for the last tab on the second tab panel that will take you to the first tab of the third tab panel.

              Note: it may seem simpler to use OnObjectExit as the trigger of this, but if you do, you'll find that clicking on another part of the layout when the cursor is in the 10th field will also bring up the 2nd tab panel and put the cursor in the 11th field...