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Tab Panels--selecting via script.

Question asked by SteveMartino on May 25, 2013
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Tab Panels--selecting via script.


     Hello forum, I have a question regarding tab panels on a layout.

     I have 2 types of customers--residential, and commercial.  I currently have them on one layout.

     There are about 20 specific fields related to both types, and an additional 10 different fields related to each specific type.

     What I was wondering was, can I create a 2 tab panel  on the layout that will contain just those 10 different fields, and have, say as I'm scrolling through the records, the first panel show when it's a residential customer, and the second show when its a commercial customer?

     Or would I be better off just showing them on 2 different layouts?

     Some screen shot....

     Any help or guidance is always appreciated