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    Tab panels-adding to an existing layout.



      Tab panels-adding to an existing layout.


      Hello, again...questions about tab panels in FM PRO 12

      I would like to add, or change a layout to a layout that has a tab.  Then I could add multiple tabs to separate the information.

      I was in the sample tutorial and had no problem creating a tab panel.  What I noticed was in the sample DB (Favorite Bakery Discount Program) the layout 'Data Enty' was already a tab panel, as opposed to the other layouts that were not.  So it was easy to create/add a new Tab Panel.

      So my question is, how do I take a layout that isnt a tab panel, and either change it to one, or add a tab panel to it.  When I try to add a Tab Panel to it, just an empty box appears on the layout, which really doesnt let me do anything with it.

      Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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          You go into layout mode.

          You select the "Tab Control" on the top.

          Then you draw (drag) a rectangle on your layout  about the size you want your tab control to be. When you release your mouse a dialogue pops up. It's the tab control set up.

          There you enter a tab name and click "create"

          You create as manu tabs as you need.

          Then you start by putting fields and labels on your tab pages. On layout mode you can change the tab. If you put a field on top of the tab control, so it's completely surrounded bu the tab box. That field will be on that tab page.

          You can add tab pages to an existing layout.

          Just double click the tab and the tab control setup will pop up again.


          EDIT: If you draw a tab control over a bunch of existing fields you just have to bring it to the background so it's behind the fields. And then those fields will be on the tab control.

          This can be done in the inspector on the "Position" tab under "arrange"

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            Thanks again for your help...I need to put you on the payroll :).  I was able to do all the things you said, in the tutorial.  What I cant figure out, is in the tutorial, one of the layouts, (data entry), the whole layout is a tab.  So adding tabs here is easy, following the directions you posted.  But how do I take a layout, that doesnt have a tab on top, and turn the single page layout into a tab--so I can add more tabs.

            The goal, as you may be aware from previous posts, would be to have the layout contain all the customer info, and each tab hold different info for the same customer (service history, delivery history, list of equipment.

            Thanks again DeSaint, if you keep helping, I'll keep asking :)



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              Hehe, no problem.

              In the tutorial the tab object is just really large.

              You can do that to, by just creating a tab control that's so large that it envelops all the fields on the layout.

              Then you place it in the background and all of the fields that are "above" the tab control will be on it.

              Then you can add as many tabs as you want.


              This can sometimes be handy if you have, for instance, an invoice. And you have a tab for:
              - Client Information
              - Product Information (list of products; This would be your line items table in a portal)
              - Payement Information
              - Internal information (notes that are for internal use
              - ...

              Because all of this is based on the "Invoices" table.

              However sometimes you might have information from different tables. And then sometimes you really want the controls on top (New Record / Delete Record / ...) to be working on that table.

              An option at that time could be to create two layouts that look very much alike but have big buttons on the top. A good example of this is the Invoice Starter Solution in Filemaker 11:

              Starter Solution

              That way the Customers have their own layout based on the Customers Table, and the button brings you to another layout for the invoice that's based on the invoice table.

              But as long as everything you want to put in there is based on the Customers table you should have no problems with the tabs.