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Tab question

Question asked by BatuhanGizer on Jul 29, 2013
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Tab question



     I have a table where user enters data for 5 different type of values.  After entering ProjectID and AccountID, user chooses a type from a dropdown list as Bank, Cash, Invoice, Checks and so forth.  I have different buttons on the header section where the user can search for the specific type but in order to decrease the number of buttons, I want to have different tabs instead of buttons.  

     Is there anyway to have a script that does; (same script from one my buttons)

     Enter Find Mode[]

     Set Field[Account::Type; "Cash"]

     Perform Find[]

     Sort Records[Restore; No dialog]

     but instead, when user clicks Cash tab, the layout will show what the button does.  Another problem with what I want to achieve is the body part resizing according to the number of records. Any suggestions?