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Tab Scripting Causing Lockup

Question asked by BradenDouglass on Mar 25, 2011
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Tab Scripting Causing Lockup


Alright all, here is a little background:

Portions of the frontend need to be completely blocked out from user access and to accomplish this I am using an old school method (to me at least) that utilizes tabs. If something gets selected the tabs will flip to the second view and show the fields. The issue that I am having is when you click on the tabs that navigate around the DB, the tabs that are utilized to hide items reset to their hidden state, regardless of the state that the fields are that force them to flip. To combat this, I decided to use an object modify script when the user selects the nav tab. This works (sort of) but locks the user from selecting any other nav tabs.

Any ideas / suggestions? Thank you all and again sorry for the gretuitous use of the word "tab" above.