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Tab scripts / Stringing Strips Together

Question asked by beano129 on Feb 7, 2013
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Tab scripts / Stringing Strips Together


     Hi all, 

     I've created a contacts database and I want to make it easy to navigate. 

     I've currently got 400 records in and they are currently sorted in Alphabetical Order by Company name. 

     I have then created 7 tabs which are the states of Australia which I also have a field for. 

     What I want is for a script to run that means when an operator clicks on a STATE Tab, the script runs to either min any record that's NOT that particular state OR SHOW ONLY the particualr records of that state (I know effectively this is the same argument but while i'm still quite new, i'm not sure if one method is favoured over the other) 

     I have made scrips that do this but I can't seem to assign differnt scripts to the different tabs - it just seems to run whichever script i've designated to all of the tabs. 

     Then Again......

     Is there a way of stringing scripts together like IF functions in Excel? 

     This might be a way of me solving the prblem 

     So the idea here being 

     opon clicking on a tab a script runs to:-

     Show All Records - show only records from (define state / state neme on tab)

     I hope this doen't lose anyone - i did want to put this on 2 posts but felt i needed the background to explain properly. 


     Many Thanks