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    Tab security?



      Tab security?



      Hi there, can you put a password on a tab? To restrict private information and keep it all in one place? or else, what would be a way to create such a system?


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          Update - I've set up admin and guest users. Is there a way to hide a tab from the guest user?

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            I've tried a button to run a script like this for when an intern is using the database. To at least make the database jump to another field when a button is clicked to go into say a sales tab. But it doesn't work (ie. nothing happens). Any ideas? thanks! 


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              Ignore, I've gone with conditional formatting to make the text color the same as the background. If anyone has better ideas they would be great. thanks

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                If the text is in a field, it's still accessible. All the user has to do is click/tab into the field and the contents become visible.

                is your intern's account name "intern" or "[intern]". The brackets on an account name usually refer to a built in privilege set name such as [Full access]. So maybe your reference to "[intern]" isn't quite correct. (And if you refer to privilege set names, you can control access for a group of users rather than one individual at a time.

                Controlling access to a tab panel depends a lot on the version of Filemaker you are using. There are script triggers that are tripped each time a tab panel is selected--which one to use depends on whether you are using FileMaker 13, 12 or an older version. There are functions that can tell you which panel was selected and again, the best function to use depends on the version of FileMaker. (So let me know what version you are using and I'll respond with options that work with that particular version.)

                And in FileMaker 13, there's a new "Hide Object When" property that you can set on the Inspector's data tab that truly makes a layout object selectively disappear--there's no way to directly access the object via mouse or keyboard if it's hidden via this property.

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                  You could link 'hide object when' to customised 'extended privileges'  in your privilege sets via the 'Get(AccountExtendedPrivileges) function. 

                  I have done this using PatternCount(Get(AccountExtendedPrivileges);DefinedPrivilege)<1 or similar .

                  You then place the extended privilege in your privilege set for users who should see (or not) the object/s.