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    Tab to next record



      Tab to next record


      I have a weird issue:


      I'm in list mode.

      Field A, Field B.

      I need to enter a bunch of data, tabbing from A to B, and then want to go to the next record and repeat. 

      So I created a button after Field B, and added a third tab.

      The button is linked to the script:

      Go to Next Record

      Go to Field A

      This should work.


      So I begin testing.

      I'm in FIELD A, tab to FIELD B, tab to BUTTON, hit return.

      It goes to the next record, and into Field A, no problem.


      But if i enter actual data in FIELD A and FIELD B, then tab to the BUTTON and hit return,

      It jumps 2 records, and lands in Field A.


      What am I doing wrong?!?!?  I'm pulling my hair out over here!!!!


      (Deep breath, and wait for blessed answers from the forum)

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          I set up a list view layout with two fields, and 4 records. I added a button with the same script and included it in the tab order. It reliably goes to field A of the next record whether I have data in the Fields or not.

          Do you have advanced? You might want to enable the debugger and then test this out.

          I have had layouts that resolutely refused all scripted efforts to put the cursor in correct field even though I ran my script with the debugber enabled to make sure another script wasn't being triggered to put the cursor in the wrong field. In those cases, I ended up deleting the layout and rebuilding it. The rebuilt layouts then worked just fine...

          Wouldn't it be simpler to use an OnObjectKeystroke Trigger on Field B to go to field A of the next record instead of adding the button? IT could test for the tab, enter or return key and if one of those are detected, go to the next record and then to Field A...