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Tab to next record

Question asked by firth5 on Sep 21, 2011
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Tab to next record


I have a weird issue:


I'm in list mode.

Field A, Field B.

I need to enter a bunch of data, tabbing from A to B, and then want to go to the next record and repeat. 

So I created a button after Field B, and added a third tab.

The button is linked to the script:

Go to Next Record

Go to Field A

This should work.


So I begin testing.

I'm in FIELD A, tab to FIELD B, tab to BUTTON, hit return.

It goes to the next record, and into Field A, no problem.


But if i enter actual data in FIELD A and FIELD B, then tab to the BUTTON and hit return,

It jumps 2 records, and lands in Field A.


What am I doing wrong?!?!?  I'm pulling my hair out over here!!!!


(Deep breath, and wait for blessed answers from the forum)