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Tabbed Layouts with different tables?

Question asked by MichaelHemberger1003 on Mar 6, 2012
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Tabbed Layouts with different tables?


I currently have an student apartment inspection program I built using a tabbed layout. There are about 10 tabs and many fields on each tab. The first tab is the student basic info and all other tabs are different rooms in the apartment with different areas of inspection for each room. All fields are in one large table.

I would like to break up my inspection program into multiple tables, instead of 1 big table and keep the tabbed layout.

I did this and placed fields from each table to their respective tabs (kitchen table has kitchen tab, etc.). 

The basic student info is the main table and a one to many relationship is established between this table and the other room tables.

I have existing records in the main table that houses basic student info.

What I need to have happen is when I click on the next tab, say kitchen, I want to enter the inspection info for that room.

Right now it won't let me click on a field in any of those room tabs and and if I add a record it adds a new record in the main student table that houses just the basic info on the first table.

Can anyone give me some direction here?

Here are some pics for the tables and tabs....


Table Relations ShipsStudent TabKitchen Tab