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Tabbing Trouble

Question asked by Frinholp on Oct 18, 2010
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Tabbing Trouble


Hi all

I have a problem where a field on a layout set to be a pop-up list cannot be tabbed into. I have set this field in the tab order, and the field previous to the one in question is set to go to next field on tab, enter and return key-press. This occurs only on the mac but works fine on a windows p.c. Any ideas?

I have used invisible tabs on a different layout. I have excluded the fields placed on these tabs from the tab order and set an on key-press script trigger to fire a script that checks the key code and if that key code is the tab key, 'go to object' to move the curser to the next field using the object name as a parameter. Everything works as expected unless the field that is the target object also has a script attached to do the same thing. In this case the curser enters the field and then jumps to the next.

I have also un-checked all go to next field using options in the field behaviour. 

Example code

If Let( keyCode = Code( Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) ); keyCode = 9 or keyCode = 10 or keyCode = 13)

If GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "field01" ; "hasFocus" ) = 1

Go to Object [Object name: "field02"]

End If

 If GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "field02" ; "hasFocus" ) = 1

Go to Object [Object name: "field03"]

End If


End If

Any ideas here?

Thanks in advance