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Table  Lookup

Question asked by DavidTory on Jul 3, 2014
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Table  Lookup


     I have a class registration table with 12000 records. When someone registers for a class, the class cost is pulled into the associated registration record by a lookup to the class table.


     Been working fine until I re-imported the complete registration table. The lookup no longer picks up the class cost until I do a minimal edit on an individual Class Id field on the reg table. The lookup then works fine for that one record.

     I don't want to do a record by record edit (like reenter one digit in the Class Id field) on 12000 records.

     I can also access the class cost field  from another field in a different table  linked by the Class Id field. But that won't work as a replacement solution, for other reasons.

     I have tried exporting the registration table, cutting and pasting the class Id column and reimporting.

     Interestingly, the individual records I had tweeked prior to exporting the table still worked when I reimported it. But nothing else does.