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    Table 1 and Table 2 Relationships



      Table 1 and Table 2 Relationships


      Hello, I am new to filemaker pro 10.



      How do I get a "new record" that I created in Table1 to show up in Table2?



      Table 1              Table2

      Names:              Names:       

      John Doe            John Doe

      John Smith         (The John Smith Record does not appear in Table 2)


      I tried to add a new record in Table1 for John Smith, thinking that it would automatically populate in my Table 2, but the new record not show up in Table2. Is there anyway that when I add a new record on a table that it will "automatically" appear in another record? 


      I was successful in "creating a relationship" using the graph in Manage Database between my Table1 and Table2, so that whatever I enter in Table1 such as adding an address to John Doe would automatically show up in Table2. However, it seems that I cannot create a new record in Table1 to automatically show up in Table2.


      I hope I am making sense since I am new to this world.


      Any help or suggestions is much appreciated. 




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          Why would you want two tables to store exactly the same data?

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            Steve Wright

            Im guessing that you are entering records into a layout for Table 1 and want to show ALL records in a portal.


            To make it easier to explain, Ill rename these, otherwise talking about tables will get confusing. 


            Actual Database Table Name : clients


            Relationship Graph Occurrences :


            Clients   -   Showing records from clients table

            Clients All - Showing records from clients table


            You would link 'Clients' to 'Clients ALL' using a Cartesian join ( X


            Your layout would show records from the Clients (an occurrence of the clients DB table)

            Your portal would Show related records from Clients ALL (an occurrence of the clients DB table)


            So any records you add using fields on your layout, will show in the portal list. 


            At least I think this is what you are looking for. 


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              Hi Phil,


              The problem is that I have over 150 fields and whenever I try to enter all of the data into one Table, I can't see all of the fields. I assume there is a limit to the number of fields one can see in filemaker. Lowering the pixels to 60 or so only allows me to see about 135 fields. I wish I could have everything in one table, but it does not seem to be working. 


              So to get around this I assume two tables will resolve this. If you know of an easier way let me know. My first table could have lets say 80 fields and the second 70.


              I just want the second table to capture the names that are on the first table, so that when I switch between tables I can see which people are updated. 


              Again, I am new to this, so I may be working backwards. I don't know.



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                This sounds like what I am after, except I do not know how to create a Cartesian X. 


                Since I am working with over 150 fields, it seems that I need at least two tables to work in. The first table would be student contact information, the second table course grades. I need these to be linked to each other so that if I add a new student to the contact information page , there name will automatically show up in the course grades page as well. 


                Any suggestions on how to create a Cartesian X?




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                  I have several solutions where I have more than 100 fields in a single table. I don't try to put all the fields in a single layout though. Using two tables won't enable you to add any more fields to the same layout anyway so I don't see how this helps you. You're also describing putting the same data in each table and to link records in two different tables only recquires that both records have one field that stores a matching value from the other.


                  Let's back up a bit here. What are you doing that requires such a large number of fields in one record and you need to see so many fields all in one layout? It's possible that a design change here will make life much easier for you.

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                    Hi Phil,


                    A design change may be what I need then. 

                    Since our Institute requires students to complete 24 courses, I have been trying to put all of their information, courses, grades, instructor names, semester into one layout. I have been doing this via TABS. I am then importing the data into filemaker and yes, it is in one layout.


                    For example in ONE Layout I have the following:


                    TAB1: Contact Info: Name, Addresses, City, State, Zip, Phone, cell, etc.


                    TAB2: Course Registration: 24 Courses listed, Semesters, Instructor, Grades, Comments section. This is the largest section.

                    It looks something like this:

                    COURSES      SEMESTER        INSTRUCTOR    GRADE     COMMENTS

                    Course 1       Fall 2007          TEACHER1        89           Needs to complete level I

                    Course 2       Spring 2008      TEACHER2        90           Late fee due by end of month

                    Course 3       Summer 2008    TEACHER3       100        

                    and so on... 


                    TAB3: Financial Management: Tuition for each semester.  


                    We are a small institute with about 65 students,  and up to about 2 days ago I have been doing everything through Excel. So now Filemaker has become my new toy to help manage the school! 


                    Any suggestions? 




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                      You can use the basic layout concept, but you should place the course data into a separate related table.


                      Add a serial number field to your table to uniquely identify each student record.


                      Then make this part of your post into a separate table:


                      StudentID  COURSES      SEMESTER        INSTRUCTOR    GRADE     COMMENTS


                      Each row of course information would be one record in this table.

                      You can link the two table in your relationship graph by StudentID and then display these records in a portal placed on your tab.


                      Likewise, your financial management section can be set up as a related table.


                      Look up the term "portal" in filemaker's help system. It'll help you get started on this very useful tool for working with data in a filemaker pro database.

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                        This helps a great deal!


                        Thank you so much!