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Table 1 and Table 2 Relationships

Question asked by RichM7 on Feb 2, 2010
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Table 1 and Table 2 Relationships


Hello, I am new to filemaker pro 10.



How do I get a "new record" that I created in Table1 to show up in Table2?



Table 1              Table2

Names:              Names:       

John Doe            John Doe

John Smith         (The John Smith Record does not appear in Table 2)


I tried to add a new record in Table1 for John Smith, thinking that it would automatically populate in my Table 2, but the new record not show up in Table2. Is there anyway that when I add a new record on a table that it will "automatically" appear in another record? 


I was successful in "creating a relationship" using the graph in Manage Database between my Table1 and Table2, so that whatever I enter in Table1 such as adding an address to John Doe would automatically show up in Table2. However, it seems that I cannot create a new record in Table1 to automatically show up in Table2.


I hope I am making sense since I am new to this world.


Any help or suggestions is much appreciated.