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    Table Based Value List Not Displaying New Records



      Table Based Value List Not Displaying New Records


      i have a table used only for generating a value list of product categories.  there is only 1 table occurrence for this table.  i created a value list based on this table and have attached a screenshot to show how it is configured.

      the problem that i am having is that even with commit record and refresh window steps in the script that allows users to create new product categories, it will not show new entries (even after closing and re-opening the file).  nor does it work to select "refresh window" from the menu or keyboard shortcut.

      the only way that i have discovered to make the newly created records visible in the value list (drop down list or pop up menu) is to go to a layout based on the product category table where i have a drag and drop sort capability.  if i use this and go back to the layout where the pop up menu is, it shows all the records.  however, if i just use "sort" to re-sort the records, it has no effect.

      if it helps at all to figure it out, i have an almost identical set up for invoice categories.  the only difference that i can tell is that the layout where users add new categories has a portal (self join to all invoice categories) instead of showing the records in list view.  but the value list is set up the same as for the product categories meaning on the "main" t.o. and not the self-join used for the portal.   for some reason this value list works fine?

      any thoughts???


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          I see two ways that your newly added records might be excluded from the value list.

          z_sortORder_bySpaces might be empty or the value of this field might not be unique.

          Thus, I'd examine how this field computes or is assigned the spaces that produce the desired arbitrary order to your value list.

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            phil... please don't take this the wrong way...

            but i think i love you... you're a genius!  i spent way too much time trying to figure it out and that was exactly the problem (and exactly why the drag and drop sorting fixed it because it re-serialized the sort order every time).  somewhere in the back of my mind i vaguely recall something something about duplicate values not being repeated in value lists, but it would never have occurred to me that duplicate values in the second field would hide unique values from the first field... at least, i think that is what you are saying is happening.  in any case, simple fix and all is working great.  you're the best!