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Table complexity due to self-referencing - any hints?

Question asked by mkmcgeevt on Jan 8, 2015
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Table complexity due to self-referencing - any hints?


Hi - I have a small project that is rather unusual (I think) and less than a year of experience with FMPro.  I have made progress over the last month in nailing down a useful field / table /relationship structure.  I am working with one main table and a half dozen more that basically serve only as complex value lists.  

The main table is structured around WordFamily.  Each WordFamily has it's own UniqueID. From there I do something like a family tree (think of it as a word tree).  Additional fields are inserted based on known associations (like son, daughter, sister, brother in a family tree), which establish specific connections to other WordFamily-s through the same UniqueIDs that make up the complete set of records in the table.  

My issue is that each time I create a layout field and try to get it to display the WordFamily for the UniqueID in the field (not the UniqueID itself), I can only get it to display the WordFamily associated with its own UniqueID.  

If anyone can grasp the issue I am having, feel free to respond with hints or resources.  If you are inclined to understand the question but cannot, feel free to ask clarifying questions.  Either would be much appreciated.