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    Table Containing Predefined Reports



      Table Containing Predefined Reports



      I have a database that has a large number of reports that need to be regularly run, usually within a specified date range and to a variety of layouts. I would like to be able to use a portal that will allow me to scroll through reports sorted by category which on clicking the report title runs the right script?  At the moment I have a tabbed layout - the tabs being the categories, each tab has a series of buttons used to trigger a specific report script.


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          you should be able to do such a thing will probably take some additional scripting to pass the right scriptname to the "Run Report Script"

          You could probably also store reporting parameters in a table and script their retreival into variables or global fields so that you could reuse script logic to run multiple reports from the same script. (thus allowing new reports to be written without adding scripts)

          There are lots of ways to go about this but table driven reports are definitely possible.

          To do what you are suggesting you would be rather simple you would need a table of reports with scriptnames and create a "Run"  shell script attached to a button that basically  is a set of nested If - Else steps to evaluate the related field to determine which script to run. (You cant pass the script name from a field) Your "Run" script would have to contain all the possible script names you could run.