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    table content maintenance layout



      table content maintenance layout



           I am creating a new database and I am wondering if it is possible to create a layout with the following functionalities:

      1.           Field to select a database table
                  (with a custom function it is possible to create a list with possible input values)
      3.           Based on the selected table all the fields should be visible to enable the user to set filter values
                  (with a custom function it is possible to get a list of all the fields of a given table)
      5.           A button to find and display the values from the selected table (refer to point 1), based on the filter values of point 2


           I think to create one table called TableContentBrowser with the fields:

      •           TableName
      •           FieldName


           This table can be used to create a layout where the selection can be made.

           Layout: Explore_Table_Contents
           When the field TableName is populated I can fill the table TableContentBrowser via a script. When the table TableContentBrowser is updated based on the selected table I will have a list with all the fields. Which I can display on the layout (for know I do not need the list of all the table fields on the selection screen).

           But then I want to display the table contents and I do not know how to do that. Anybody an idea how to display all the table contents on the screen, based on the selected table?

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               I don't see how your method would work. Especially:

               When the field TableName is populated I can fill the table TableContentBrowser via a script.

               Are you going to copy all of the records from the selected table into this table? That's possible but rife with problems--including the need to send the data back to its original table after the user has modified it--which can be further complicated if another user modified the data in the original table while you were using this layout.

               But what you can do is set up a different table view layout for each table. Your drop down list of table names is then used to select the layout for that table and a simple script can use the value of the drop down list to determine which layout to change to.