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Table context with Get Functions?

Question asked by david583 on Nov 5, 2010
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Table context with Get Functions?


FM Pro 10 & FM Pro 11, FM Server 11 on shared network. Solution built on FM Pro 10 ,Windows XP OS

I have a calculations table for common calcs I use across several layouts (in the header), related by cartesian function to the tables the layouts are based on.

I use this to display the layout name, current date, company week of year, current account name, company logo, search globals etc. etc.

I also have calculations that show found count, total record count etc. and these are in their specific tables.

Is there a way to move these calcs into the common table and give table context to the calculation.

ie. tell it which related table I want the record count done on and display record counts from that table, with the calculation done once in the common table.

My aim is a common header I can use on any layout without having to change calculations