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Table Creation / Setup Advice...

Question asked by digitalemu on Sep 7, 2014
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Table Creation / Setup Advice...


Hiya guys. 
This is not a Filemaker Specific advice request, more a general advice on DB solutions.. 

My main tables are : 
Customers, Jobs, Appointments and Opportunities. 

All four of these tables require a table to store related files... I.E : Job completion certificates, Opportunity Photographs, Customer Logos and Appointment Attachments.. etc. 

My question is this; 

Am I better off with Example A:
Creating just one "Files" table to hold data for all tables and simply creating new occurrences of the Files table for each other table... 
Example B: 
Should I create an individual Files table for each parent table. 
I.E : Customer Files, Job files, Opportunity files and Appointment files? 

Container data is going to be stored externally. 

Thanks in advance guys.