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    Table Deletion Access Restriction?



      Table Deletion Access Restriction?


           Is there a way to setup an account that has full access to all editing features EXCEPT the ability to delete tables?

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               Yes (actually "no" is what you'd choose). In Security, Privilege Sets, for each Privilege Set, you'd click "Edit". Then select "Custom privileges" for the "Records". That will show you all the settings, for each Table (you've got). In this case you'd turn them all to "yes", except for the "Delete" one; turn that to "no". 
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                 These are from a file I have. I used the "limited" option for the "Delete" however, so they could delete, but with a test.


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                   I almost made the same post, but Rob wants to allow all forms of access except permission to delete a table, not the records in the table. And if you have permission to make design changes to a file, you also have full access to do all kinds of design changes, so I do not see a way to limit access in this manner.

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                     When I set a Privilege Set as I showed, with no access to Delete, but access to the Scripts, I still cannot use a Delete Record in a script; nor can I modify any of the [x] Run with Full Access scripts, nor add such to an existing script (the option to do so does not show at all). 

                     So I don't see how they could Delete Records. Nor do I have any access to the Database group (Tables, Fields, Relationships). However I could reck any field, with a Replace Field Contents script step, etc.. So, though extremely dangerous, I don't see how someone could delete a record or an entire table. What could they use to do that?

                     P.S. I'm not saying anyone should allow access to the Scripts. It seems to me I'd really hate someone messing with my scripts.

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                       Yes, that is delete record.

                       Rob is asking about deleting tables.