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Table design problem.

Question asked by LuukvanSummeren on Aug 21, 2014
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Table design problem.


     Dear all,

     In the student laboratories of the university i work every undergraduate studente gets assigned a locker for storing glassware and other materials. We have a filemaker database were we keep track of de students info and results. in this databse i would like to add a layout with a map of all lockers. on this layout i would like to have a field per locker in which we can select a students name from a dropdown menu linking a student to a locker. Every locker can only be assigned to one student and every student should only have one locker. In my database I allready have a table with all students  but im struggeling with how to connect a student to a locker and display all these lockers in one layout... I could make a table with lockers linken them to a students ID but the i would have 400 record, can i put these one one layout? The other way it hought about was to make a table with 400 fields (we have 400 lockers) and make one record where each student gets linked to a locker by the field name, however then i dont know how to get this information into other layouts.

     I would very much like to hear if any of you has an idea about how to solve this.

     Thanks very much in advance