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    Table Field with Hyperlink



      Table Field with Hyperlink


           I have done a quick search of the forum and cannot quite get the answer I want. I have read some replies by PhilModJunk but I think my situation has a little bit of a twist to it.

      In Table View:

           I am wanting a field in Table View to serve as a hyperlink to any given webpage. Each database record will have a different URL from the other records. I have no problem creating an Open URL script for a button. However, the problem is that I cannot get a button function or a field to work as a button in Table View.

           How do I solve my issue?


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               Option 1) Don't use table view, use list view

               Option 2) Use OnObjectEnter on the hyperlink field to perform your Open URL script.

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                 Thanks for the reply PhilModJunk. As I was waiting for a reply to this post the cable technician showed up for the internet service call I had scheduled. Thus internet was down for a few hours. Then got tied up 4 more hours. Sorry for the delay in this reply.

                 Thanks for your instructions. Will put them into play on Wednesday 05/14/2014. Will post back with you if I run into any issues.