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Table formatting issue (formatted in layout mode is brought accross to table view)

Question asked by LudoG on Nov 6, 2013
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Table formatting issue (formatted in layout mode is brought accross to table view)




     I'm a novice FM user, and would like to ask a question in regards to formatting please.


     When a layout is created I have had to increase the size of the font for some fields (to make it practical on the IPad, as later the database will be used with FileMaker Go - but for this question it is irrelevant). The formatting is carried across when switching back onto table mode.


     I really want to remove this formatting from the table (I mean into table mode) and find a way to have a plain formated table (just the way it looks plain when you create a table in the first place, nice and neat), as the database I am creating has a lot of fields, and with this change of formatting repercuted on the Table, it doesn't fit on the screen (scrolling left and right to reach the end of the table is tedious and attrocious).


     The summary is this: In layout mode if I increase the size of the font to say 20 it comes also on the table.


     How can you prevent this formatting in the first place, or remove it. I cannot seem to find a way of unlinking the formating from the layout to the table. I would really appreciate your help with this. I have searched everywhere on the net but could not find halp (searched for "remove formating table" ; "plain formatting table" , "reset formatting table" etc...  nothing helps).


     Thanks a lot for your input.