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Table Headings

Question asked by Adnan on Oct 22, 2009
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Table Headings


Recently I built an inventory database for personal use using FileMaker Pro 10 on Windows Vista. However, Some of the tables in my report (Body Section) span more than one page and are sorted under categories e.g. computers, laptops, etc. as a subsummary above the body section.


The problem is it doesn't look good to have table headings in the header section as they appear above the category name. I also tried putting the table headers with the category subsummary section but if the table continues on a second page the category name and table headings are not repeated on the second page and I end up with a table with no headings.


Is there a way to attach table headings to appear at the top of each table and also repeat at the top if the table continues on a second page.