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    Table Help



      Table Help


      I accidently deleted my Notes table and saved it that way. I had a portal which I was using as a customer support log and the notes table had a "text" field which i placed on the portal.

      I made a new notes table and a new "text" field and placed it there and it now will not allow me to type in it and my add a note button does not work. From what I gather, it could have to do with my relationship. Can anyone help me? Thanks

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          I accidently deleted my Notes table and saved it that way.

          What did you do to "delete" it? If you deleted it from a layout, the table still exists and you just need to put the portal back. If you have another copy of your file, you can even copy and paste it from the other copy.

          The only way you can delete a table is to delete it from Manage | Database | Tables.

          If that's what you've done and you don't have a back up copy, then you'll need to recreated the table in order to put it back...

          All you describe in your post is that you have a notes table. It would help to know more about the file you are working with.

          Have you used Manage | Database | Relationships to link it to the layout's table in a relationship? (The layout's table is the name found in Show Records From in Layout Setup...)

          If so,

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            I deleted from Manage | Database | Tables.

            I am making a database with all customer contact information and support logs in one. I have a middle row of tabs setup and one has a portal on it. On this I had my notes:text field, so everytime i created a new log entry, it would be unique.

            I need to find out how to make a new table with the same properties as the old "Notes" table where the fields can all be unique for each entry and for each customer.

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              Do you have a back up copy of your file? (Making frequent backups and keeping lots of them is good practice for your database.)

              You can import your table and the data that was stored in it from an older copy of your file--which can save redefining all the fields that were in it. Use Import Records with the new table option to import the table from an older copy.

              Whether you re-create the table from scratch or import it from a backup, you'll need to reproduce the relationship to exactly match the relationship you had originally, then "re-point" any portals, fields, layouts that referred to the old table so that they refer to the new.

              When you open Manage | Database | Relationship, do you now have boxes that originally referred to the notes table you deleted, but now show "missing table"? You can double click these and set them to refer to your new table and that can save a lot of work here.

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                When I go to the Manage | Database | Relationship screen there is a big hole where "Notes" used to be. So I've remade a Notes table, connected it back to my "Contact Database" using the k_ID_Contact = kf_ID_Contact which i created in the Notes table.

                I guess I need to know when making a new Table how can I connect it in th erelationship field.

                Also what makes a Table have properties like that where each entry in the portal will be a new entry and not a copy of the last?

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                  Sounds like you just need to double click the line between the two tables and select "allow creation of records via this relationship" for the Notes table.

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                    Did that.

                    When I try to use the button I created it just blinks on the notes field once.

                    Is this the correct setup for my button to a notes:text field?

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                      This is the first mention you've made of a script.

                      With Allow creation..." enabled, there's no need to use a script just to add a new note unless there is some other interface requirement involved. With the "allow creation..." option enabled, you can add a new record to the portal just be typing data into a field on the bottom blank row of the portal.

                      The third line of your script looks like it should be changed. It reads Go To Layout [original layout] which leaves you on the contacts layout instead of changing over to the notes layout.

                      As written, Add Note is actually adding a new contact record each time you click the button.

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                        I think I got it from that. Thanks a lot Phil