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Question asked by ChrisJones_1 on Jul 26, 2014
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Table Help


     We currently have a FM12 Database that’s used as an appointments system for a local community transport charity and was designed to allocate and book volunteer drivers time and vehicle from a pool of volunteer drivers in order to take residents of the community to medical and private appointments. We also run Minibus Hire, Club Bus And a Shopping Bus Service, which are also entered onto the system in order to record the bookings.

     In order to enhance the current Shopping Bus Service the system has to be able to allow multiple clients, (passengers) to be booked on a specific Bus Route and Service. These minibuses run on set routes everyday collecting the clients and taking them to either their single destinations, like supermarkets, or multiple destinations similar to a hail and ride service visiting various places. A printout then has to be generated displaying the passengers taken, their fares cost, their destinations and return trips so that drivers have the correct information when carrying out these journeys. Office staff must also have the correct information in order to maintain the service and determine if the correct revenue is received at both passenger level and service level.

     What I’d like to be able do, is add clients from the existing client table along with their destinations from the existing destinations table and add them to another layout  / table using a portal if possible. (Please see the attached diagram  / screenshots that probably illustrate it better than I can describe it.) Once each route has its quota of passengers (which is usually the same clients most days and most weeks) the passenger list needs to be printed to give to the bus driver so he knows who he is collecting and where they are bound.

     I’ve got an idea of how I’d like it to look / work (see screenshots) and with a bit of research on portals and TO’s I’ve made some assumptions. As both the client and destination tables are all ready linked to the main journey table I’m guessing I have to create two TO’s one for client and one for destinations and add these to a join table. However there are some things I’m not sure of and need some help with. For instance, should the portal be based on the client table or something else? How do I populate the portal from a search field using a different layout? Can I accommodate the clients and their addresses, plus the destination and addresses, on the Portal? Is it possible?

     Sorry about the length of this post but there was no other way of explaining what I’m trying to achieve but any help or advice will be very much appreciated.