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Table Instances Question

Question asked by jkostenbader on Apr 1, 2014
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Table Instances Question


     Ok...still trying to warp my brain into table instances and when and how to use them. Consider the following...

     ACCOUNTS has a one-to-many relationship with PROJECTS. Each project has a "Responsible" person that is selected from the EMPLOYEE table. "Responsible" is stored as a full name in the projects table. On a layout based on EMPLOYEE, I would like to see data related to the projects they own. I have created a relationship between full name in EMPLOYEE and "responsible" in PROJECTS to accomplish this.

     Ideally I'd like a portal on this layout that lists all the projects this employee is responsible for (which works fine). Unfortunately the data is a little meaningless without the associated ACCOUNT description. Any which way I turn it lists only the first Account name and not subsequent. I know I need another table instance somewhere but I'm a little stumped on which one and how to draw the relationship. Presently the portal in question is based on the PROJECTS table. Consider the following relationship graph to better illustrate.