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    Table Name



      Table Name




      I created a table named: "FM Accounts" with a few fields.

      When I enter into the Data Viewer the following calculation:

      FieldNames ( Get ( FileName ); Get ( LayoutName ) )

      The result is empty.


      If I change the name of the table to anything else, for example:

      FM Account


      then, FieldNames returns the name of the fields correctly.


      Is "FM Accounts" a reserved word or phrase, that can not be used as a name for a table?


      Thanks in advance

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          I cannot reproduce what you report using FMP 13.0v4 on a Windows 7 System.

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            Thanks for your quick replay.

            After a bit of digging I was able to reproduce this on a New database and here is how.


            Open File --> Manage --> Layouts...

            Add a new Folder named: "FM Accounts"

            If you look at the Data Viewer, the FieldNames probably disappeared.

            If not, change in Manage Layout, both the names of the Layout and the folder to something else, but the same in both, for example "FM Acc". You can leave the table name the same. The FieldNames should disappear from the Data viewer now.


            If you play with different combinations of matching or mismatching names between these 3 elements:

            Layout Name

            Folder name in Manage Layout screen (match the Layout Name)

            Table name for this layout

            You will see the FieldNames in the Data Viewer coming in and out of the calculation result.


            Looks like a bug to me.


            Please let me know if you could reproduce this. ( I tried to upload the database, but I can only upload images as far as I can see )



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              Bugs should be reported over in Report an Issue where such posts are monitored by TS personnel that work for FileMaker Inc.

              Issues when layout folder name and folder name match sounds familiar, but I'm not pulling any current report in the Known Bugs List.

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                Before I report this issue, could you confirm that you were able to reproduce this, as well.



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                  This seems to be related to BugID 211 in the Known Bugs List

                  What I described is another side effect of the same problem. BugID 211 was reported in November 2010. No resolution after more than 4 years, and it is still showing in FMP 13.

                  Just remember to not name a folder in Manage Layouts with the same name as a Layout. Looks like more than 1 thing can go wrong.



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                    Thanks Edgar, I agree with your analysis. (I enjoy seeing evidence that others are using this tool that I spend a lot of time updating...)