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Table Occurence not doing what I want

Question asked by RonaldCarr on Mar 22, 2013
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Table Occurence not doing what I want


     Here I am again with the same problem.

     I have a table of Contacts and a related table of ContactTypes: there are Jobseekers, Employers etc. and the ContactTypes contains one or more records per Contsct.

     I set up a Table Occurence of Jobseeker_Contacts related to Jobseeker_ContactType by

     Jobseeker_Contact::PKContactID = Jobseeker_ContactType and

     Jobseeker_Contact::cJobseeker = Jobseeker_ContactType::ContactType where cJobseeker is a calculated field containing "JobSeeker"

     The I created a layout for jobSeekers onlt base on Jobseeker_Contact, but it in fact has all of the records in the file listed, not just jobseekers.

     What is wrong with my structure?