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Table Occurrence Concepts

Question asked by daverd on Dec 8, 2012
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Table Occurrence Concepts



     I am looking for feedback on my understanding of Table Occurrences.  Do I get it?


     Being new to Filemaker Pro (v11) but well versed with Microsoft Access, I constantly find myself trying to relate (no pun intended) my knowledge of Access to the language used by FMP in describing its functionality.  An example of this is with trying to understand the concept of Table Occurrences.


     In Access, one has Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, and Macros.  Within Queries, each query can have multiple tables in a relationship.  And each query's table relationship is unique to that query.  The same table can be used by mulitple queries.  For example, if I relate Contacts to Events in one query, I can have another query where Events are related to Locations.  The Events data is the same in the two queries but they are related separately to Contacts and Locations via the separate queries.  I am thinking that the same table, referenced multiple times across different queries is the same concept as FMP's Table Occurrences.


     Also in Access, each query's table relationship is stored a as separate entity with the query.  In FMP, there is one view that shows all relationships.  


     Does it seem like I am understanding FMP's Table Occurrence concept? 


     BTW, I have found the following resources to be invaluable in my ramp up the learning curve.