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Table occurrence differences??

Question asked by SteveKeiser on Jun 27, 2013
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Table occurrence differences??


     Is it possible for a particular field to have different values in one occurrence of a table from the original occurrence of a table? I am having trouble setting up a table occurrence to filter out inactive records. In a test copy of the database I set it up and everything worked fine. Then when I went to implement it in the active database I had problems. When I was troubleshooting what was going on, I put the matching fields on the layout to see what was going on. I noticed that the value in the match field was not matching between the table occurrences. For instance in [Table], the "Inactive" field has a value of "1". In the same record of the [Table2] occurrence, the "Inactive" field has a value of "2". Unless I completely misunderstand how the table occurrences work, that should not be possible. The "Inactive" field has an auto enter value of "2". So I created another occurrence after changing the auto enter to "3" to see if that was the problem. It did not seem so.

     Cannot figure this out.