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Table Occurrence from found set

Question asked by DanNoble on Jan 18, 2011
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Table Occurrence from found set


I have a table 'Contacts' that contains fields related to people with different (multiple) roles.  I have y/n fields set up to quickly find those that fit a role.

Example: Table 'Contacts' has 100 records, 20 records are people that are researchers and are flagged in a field ynResearcher.

I would like to create (what I believe are called) Table Occurrences to use in the existing FMP solution as well as reference externally in other FM files and for value lists.  With MS Access, I could create a table from a query that filtered for the value of 'yes' on the role field I was trying to isolate.  How do I do this in FMP.

New table would contain the following fields filtered for only Researchers

Name fields

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Development on FMPA11 on Win7
Files hosted on FMAdv Server 11