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Table Occurrence help request

Question asked by Tbear on Aug 18, 2011
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Table Occurrence help request


I have not yet had to create a second TO of any of my tables in the small (10 table) database I'm setting up. I think I may have just arrived at that point.

I have a CONTACT table related 1-to-many with EVENT INVOICE which is related 1-to-many with EVENT INVOICE LINEITEM. Additionally, EVENT table is related 1-to-many with EVENT INVOICE LINEITEM.

I realized as I was creating a "Registered Guest List" report to use for check-in at the event, that a customer (Contact) could conceivably buy tickets for a whole group of people.

I need help figuring out how & where to store the names of those guests for whom someone else paid. (I realize I would have to get a list of the names from the paying customer but that is not a problem)

I tried creating a second TO of CONTACT to relate to EVENT INVOICE LINEITEM but got lost and ended up dumping that effort.