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Table Occurrences

Question asked by obidon on Jul 17, 2012
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Table Occurrences



I have an item table which calls data from a product table via a lookup and then performs a series of calculations based on a quantity.

The primary function of my database is to compare 2 items. The client wants a side by side comparison with compare and contracts calculations. The result is a form with three columns.  There are approx 15 rows in the final form.

In my early versions of this solution, I simply created an existing product ID and a set of existing product fields.  I then created a 'new product ID and duplicated all of these fields within the same table, modifying as necassary.  The result is 30+ fields.  It ain't pretty but it worked.

In version 2 of the database, the number of fields per product will increase to 50+.  I believe that the correct procedure is to create one table and use multiple occurences.  But after days of chasing my tail, I just can't get the relationships figured out and I am causing issues with my calcs