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    Table Occurrences



      Table Occurrences



      Before I ask my question :), I would like to give a scenario of my database.

      It has three tables

      (1) Main Company

      (2) Subsidiaries

      (3) Key Processes


      Main Company and Subsidiaries have a relationship through the Main Company ID.

      Main Company and Key Processes have a relationship through Main Company ID.

      Subsidiaries and a second occurence of Key Processes (Key Processes 2) have a relationship through Subsidiary ID.


      Is there any way to have a layout that shows all Key Processess from both occurrences? or Have a portal showing information from both table occurrences?


      The idea is that I would want to show ALL processes under Main Company to include the Subsidiaries own as well.





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          You might want to make Main Company and Subsidiaries different occurrences of the same table.

          It's actually quite easy to list all key processes. Any layout based on KeyProcesses will list all records in that data source table, but the challenge will be showing data from the correct parent table: Main Company and Subsidiaries--which is where making Subsidiaries an occurrence of Main Company makes this part easier.


          MainCompany::CompanyID = Subsidiaries::MainCompanyID

          MainCompany::CompanyID = MainKeyProcesses::CompanyID

          Subsidiaries::CompanyID = SubKeyProcesses::CompanyID