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Table Occurrences Misery

Question asked by JoelMG on Aug 26, 2011
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Table Occurrences Misery


I would like to write a database that keeps track of students and teachers from schools who attend events.  Our medical school outreach office holds events for area students and teachers.

I have this relationship:  Districts - Schools - Teachers - Events.  So far, so good.

The same Events table occurrence also has Students attached.  (It also has other personnel table occurrences attached - Staff, Admins, etc; this seems to work fine.  I have join files for each personnel type going into Events.  Works fine.  I've attached the relationship chart; the yellow occurrences are the linker files.)

Now, I want to link Students back up to Schools, since the Schools can provide both Teachers and Students for Events.  But I can

not - the program won't let me.  I suppose this is because it creates a circle of relationships (Schools - Teachers - Events - Students - Schools), which is not allowed.

For the final outcome, I would like to go into a Schools layout and see data in portals from Teachers AND Students (at a given school) who have participated in Events.

I tried making a 2nd table occurrence of Schools (I duplicated the School layout) to link up to Students, but the data in the fields of the Table do not populate the 2nd table occurrence.  I don't understand this.    So I have two questions:

(1) Why don't the data in the fields of the school TABLE populate both table occurrence layouts, since they are both from the same table?

(2)  Is there any method to have a School layout showing both Students AND Teachers that attend an Event?

I've been messing with this for days.  I'm a beginner.  Thanks.  Joel