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Table Occurrences?

Question asked by manager12 on Dec 14, 2010
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Table Occurrences?


I have a table called "Personnel Data" that holds peoples names, contact info, etc. I have another field called "Rehearsal Reports" which holds information about rehearsals of a play. I have a table in the middle which relates these tables, called "Late/Absent". The "Late/Absent" table uses the field "full_name" as a key field to relate it to the "Personnel Data" table. The "Late/Absent" table also uses its "late_date" field and its "rehersal_number" field as key fields to relate to the "Rehearsal Report" table which has fields of the same name. These relationships all work as planned and I have some portals set up in different layouts displaying and editing the data for different reasons.

Now comes the problem. I've added an "Injuries" table which needs to connect to both the "Personnel Data" table (key field should be "full_name") as well as the "Rehearsal Reports" table (key fields should also be "date" and "rehearsal_number"). I'm able to connect two fields from the "Injuries" table to the "Rehearsal Reports" table but when I go to connect one field of the "Injuries" table to the "Personnel Data" table I get a message that "There cannot be more than one relational path between 2 tables in a graph. Another table occurrence must be added to the graph."

Ok, so I added another table occurrence of the "Personnel Data" table and tried to connect the "Injuries" table to "Personnel Data" Table Occurrence I just created. Now I think it is saying that the "Personnel Data" table is an unrelated table to the "Injuries" table.

Does a new occurrence of an already exisiting table automatically relate to the original table? Or do I need to relate them somehow? Is there another way I should be going about relating the "Injuries" table to the "Personnel Data" and "Rehearsal Report" tables rather then making new table occurrences?