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table of "Notes" relating to "Contact" and "Product"

Question asked by KenKing on Dec 21, 2010
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table of "Notes" relating to "Contact" and "Product"


Hello folks, 

Some background:  I'd like my db to track Property, Sellers, Buyers, Deals (which brings Buyers/Sellers/Properties together, akin to an invoice).  Each Property has related Notes, and each Contact has related Notes.  

But I'd like to have Notes for a Contact (Buyer/Seller/whatever) that relates to a Property; the goal here being that if Mr. Sammy Seller tells me he'd sell the Empire State Buliding for, I can enter notes.  It wouldn't be appropriate to simply enter notes in Contacts::Notes (bc later I may look at those Contacts notes and not have any idea about which Property the notes are referencing).  Nor is it appropriate to enter notes into Property::Notes (bc sammy may not always own the Empire State Building).  

This is my first attempt at a DB.  I've been doing trial and error, trying to get this to work.  See screenie for my current ER schema.

Any suggestions?