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Table of Contents/Address Book

Question asked by 79schultz on Dec 3, 2014
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Table of Contents/Address Book


Hi, all. I am new to FileMaker. A friend asked me to set up an Address or what he calls a 'Yearbook' with church information. He would like it set up in a similar format to a Table of Contents, to be used in Filemaker Go on iPads and iPhones. I think I bit off a bigger bite than my jaws could handle (being new to Filemaker) but am working at it. He sent me the data in a .csv file. I was able to work with it in Word and convert it to a TOC in Word. Is there anyway to put that in to FileMaker to be used in FileMaker Go? Does someone have a better idea? 

One of the important things he would like is that someone can click on a state, and it scrolls them down to the information in that state. Any guidance would be appreciated.