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    Table of Contents/Address Book



      Table of Contents/Address Book


      Hi, all. I am new to FileMaker. A friend asked me to set up an Address or what he calls a 'Yearbook' with church information. He would like it set up in a similar format to a Table of Contents, to be used in Filemaker Go on iPads and iPhones. I think I bit off a bigger bite than my jaws could handle (being new to Filemaker) but am working at it. He sent me the data in a .csv file. I was able to work with it in Word and convert it to a TOC in Word. Is there anyway to put that in to FileMaker to be used in FileMaker Go? Does someone have a better idea? 

      One of the important things he would like is that someone can click on a state, and it scrolls them down to the information in that state. Any guidance would be appreciated. 

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          Are there field names as the first record in the .csv file?  If so, you can import the csv into a new table in a new filemaker file.  Even if not you can do that but you will end up with generic field names (f1,f2,f3,etc) that you can change to meaningful names later.

          Once the data is in there you can set up layouts to display the data the way you want and scripts to do sorts and finds to do what you are describing.

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            There are not field names as such, but he has 'tags'. For instance @T=Offices. @S=California Club. I think I can set field names with those tags. 

            I said it was a .csv file, it is actually a .txt file, but I think I can change it to a .csv file. 

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              What's important is what character separates each column of data. If a comma separates each column, import it as a csv (comma separated values) file. If it's a tab character, select the option for importing from a tab file. (In either case, you can also just drag and drop the file onto the FileMaker application icon/shortcut/alias.)

              If the columns are separated by something else, you may have to import the data and then use other means to parse the text into individual fields.