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Table relationship - not equal to

Question asked by jimscott77 on Nov 11, 2012
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Table relationship - not equal to


     Table 1 (Clients) is an external sql table that the application has read only permissions to.  It includes past, current, and sample clients.  I would like to set up a view that only looks at current clients.  There is no particular field in that table that designates which is which.  I have set up Table 2 (Non Clients) which is a list of the clients that I wish to exclude.  I created a T.O. of Clients (Active Clients) and linked it to Table 2 (Non Clients) with the 'does not equal' operator.expecting not to see clients listed in the Non Clients table.  It didn't work the way I had hoped.

     Is there a way to create a T.O. that eliminates the undesired records?


     Jim S