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    Table relationship - not equal to



      Table relationship - not equal to


           Table 1 (Clients) is an external sql table that the application has read only permissions to.  It includes past, current, and sample clients.  I would like to set up a view that only looks at current clients.  There is no particular field in that table that designates which is which.  I have set up Table 2 (Non Clients) which is a list of the clients that I wish to exclude.  I created a T.O. of Clients (Active Clients) and linked it to Table 2 (Non Clients) with the 'does not equal' operator.expecting not to see clients listed in the Non Clients table.  It didn't work the way I had hoped.

           Is there a way to create a T.O. that eliminates the undesired records?


           Jim S

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               And exactly what match fields did you set up and what is the context for your layout where you want to see this list of only active clients?

               I would guess that you set up a relationship like this:

               Clients::ClientID <> NonClients::ClientID

               That won't work for what you describe.

               But try two occurrences of Clients and you can exploit a return separated list of values in a single field to exclude records from clients.

               Define These Relationships:

               Clients::anyField X NonClients::anyfield

               Clients::cExclusionList <> ActiveClients::ClientID     (ActiveClients is a second occurrence of Clients.)

               Define cExclusionLIst as List ( NonClients::ClientID ) with Text specified as the return type.

               If you need to see this list in the context of a different table, use an occurrence of that table in place of the Clients table occurrence in both relationships.

               Note: with FileMaker 12 there should be ways to get this list in a single field or just the exclusion list of clientID's without needing as many occurrences of different tables to make this work by employing the ExecuteSQL function.

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                 I went the SQL route.

                 Added Custom Function: ValueExists(Value;ValueList) -- [is the Value in the ValueList?]

                   Let (
                   n = ValueCount ( ValueList );
                     If ( n > 0 ;
                       If(Exact(GetValue ( valuelist ; 1) ; value) ; 1 ;
                       ValueExists (value; RightValues (valuelist; n -1)))))

                 Added a calculated field, ActiveFlag, to Clients.

                   Calculation: ActiveFlag = not ValueExists(bBusiness num;ExecuteSQL ( "select ClientNum from NonClients " ; "" ; ""))

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                   Not IsEmpty ( Filtervalues ( ValueList ; Value ) )