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Table Relationship Help

Question asked by KoryAlden on Apr 12, 2011
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Table Relationship Help


Hey everyone,

I'm new to filemaker and I recently joined the community, learning about Filemaker Pro 11 hands on. 

I'm working on my first database system to handle my short films and indie films, and I'm stuck with trying to determine my 'one to many' relationships because I guess I think all of my tables are 'many to many'.  Hopefully someone can help me with this before I move forward.  The video states that you really shouldn't have 'many to many' and it will cause more problems, which added to my stress of making sure this is done right.

Here are the tables I'm setting up:

Sites- These are my sites that have various short films I've created.  Multiple sites can have multiple films.

Content- This is my videos and photos associate with each shoot I do.  I can shoot multiple videos and photos for numerous sites I'm trying to promote, and I even shoot more than one shoots for a single day of production.

Production- A single day of production can produce multiple content updates for multiple sites, with multiple people involved on multiple sites.

Talent- Actors involved in the shoots.  Multiple actors on multiple sites, productions, and content thats produced.

Again, I appreciate everyones feedback and help.

Take care