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Table relationship not returning correct results in portal

Question asked by mattb on Nov 7, 2011
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Table relationship not returning correct results in portal


Using FMP Advanced 11.0v2 for Mac

1) Table A  and Table B have text fields with the same name and are related to each other using the "less than or equal" operator (<=)

2) Layout (based on Table A) has an edit box where the user types in the value for this field in Table A 

3) Immediately below this is a portal based on Table B that shows records from Table B that supposedly meet the relationship condition

Specifically, table B has 2 records.  The value of the related fields are as follows:

Record 1:  "2060-701335-005"

Record 2:  "2060-701477-000"

In the layout, I type in "2060-701335-005" in the edit box above the portal, expecting only one result, the record with "2060-701335-005", as the other record clearly should not meet the "less than or equal" relationship that has been set up.  

However, the portal shows both records.  I even went to the Data Viewer and typed the following phrase in:

"2060-701477-000" <= "2060-701335-005" and it returns 0, False, as it should.

Nevertheless, it is showing up in the portal.  Why?  And how can I make this work as expected?



Matt Bloomfield