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Table relationship problems

Question asked by user14040 on Sep 15, 2012
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Table relationship problems


     I have three tables

     MainInterface, ServiceReport, Equipment 

     I am trying to get data to show in portals from Service Report and equipment within the same tabs.

     layout MainInterface is basically an  empty table that I use to fill the ports in the tabs

     See this link for Portal Tabs image

     What I am trying to do is get  all the data that says open to show on the portal 

     The problem is it shows the different data from the ServiceReport has shown in the blue buttons and the word Open

     but it's repeating the data from the equipment table (FSRPRO_Rockwood is shown on all three rows) this information should be different.


     Here is an image of the relationship I am using

     the portal is based on ServiceReport2 

     MainInterface::ServiceReportIDfk : ServiceReport 2::ServiceReportIDfk ( with autodata set at 1)

     ServiceReport 2::EquipIDfk6 : Equipment 6::EquipIDfk6 (with autodata set at 1)

     I am trying to get the data from Service Report and Equipment to show up in the same portal.

     Portal is filter to just show field reports that equals "open" as you see from this image

     it shows the different data from table ServiceReport 2 but shows the same data from table Equipment 6

     Cant seem to figure it out.