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Table relationship record creation

Question asked by ToddBeach on Feb 14, 2013
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Table relationship record creation


     Hi, I have two databases set up with some common information. One is prepress order creation (e-ticket) the other tracks press run information (Run Tracker). I have a relationship set up where Run Tracker can pull info from e-ticket via a portal. The field that triggers it is called L#. I have it set to Allow Creation of Records on the e-ticket side of the relationship. That all works fine by entering the L#, but whenever I create a new record in Runtracker that has not been entered in e-ticket it creates a new record there. If I turn off Allow Creation of Records or move it to the Run Tracker side of the relationship the fields in the portal disappear. My question is how can I allow Run Tracker to pull info from e-ticket and also create stand alone records as existing items do not need to have a e-ticket record created?