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Table Relationship setup - Golf Scoring

Question asked by Bazz on Oct 20, 2013
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Table Relationship setup - Golf Scoring


     Hi All,

     I'm trying to create a golf scoring relational database in Fm Pro12

     I'm planning to use the following tables: Players, Scores, Courses and Holes with the Scores table forming the main 'join' table for the input of scoring data by course and by hole.

     I'm having difficulty in trying to design/understand the relationships between the Courses table and the Holes table especially as a single golf course can really be represented as four different courses when the different tee configurations are considered. (For non-golfers a similar example would be relating a particular horse racing venue to a number of different race distances (or tracks) at that venue.)

     Do I need to create a separate (sub??) table for each different tee configuration? In other words If I want to include 25 golf courses in my database, do I need to create 100 sub tables to represent 4 potentially different layouts for each course?

     Hope this makes sense...and thanks in advance,