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Table Relationships

Question asked by halfour on May 5, 2010
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Table Relationships


I am using Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced and have used FM since version 4.  I have built relationships before, but this one I am having trouble with.  My priamry  table has, in addition to other fields,  24 diagnosis fields with names diag01, diag02, diag24.  These fields have a text format.  There is also a  field called Diag Type all the records have a D entered.


I have another table called Diag Desc.  This table has 3 text fields.  Type, Diag Code, Diag Description.   In Diag Desc the field Type is D which matches Diag Type in my primary table.


In my relationship I matched Type from Diag Desc table to  Diag Type in the primary table, then I connected Diag Code to diag01.  On my form next to diag01 I put the Diag Description field and the description is correct when only one of the diag fields (diag01, diag02...) is selected.


Here is the problem - When I try to link Diag Code to subsequent diag02, diag03...and so on the Diag Description does not fill in and I lose the description for diag01 also.  Any suggestions appreciated.  Hal